1.  Vocational and Secondary Education School La Creueta is located in the town of Onil, province of Alicante in southeast Spain.  As a secondary school, the institute receives students from the village but it also offers Vocational Training, receiving in this case students from all over the province.
2.  Outdoor Activity Institute is based at four locations around Ireland. These are:

• Larch Hill Co. Dublin

• Lough Dan, Co. Wicklow.

• Mount Melleray, Co. Waterford

• Castle Saunderson, Co. Cavan

In addition to these locations we also have a Mobile Unit which visits clients at their location. We are a provider of outdoor education for primary, secondary schools and youth clubs in association with Scouting Ireland.  Our role in the project will be to inform our partners of developing trends in outdoor education, in particular in relation to scientific field studies, language learning through activities and child protection. As a national company we accept youths and young adults from all over Ireland and from all social classes. The majority of our customers are aged from 6-17 years.
Immigration from around the world has been fairly active for the past few years; people in search for employment have been coming to our region in search for a job in our industries. This factor is obviously reflected in our student body that already has students from nationalities all over the Continent: Pakistan, United Kingdom, Hungary, Morocco, Ecuador, Colombia etc.
3.  Vocational and Secondary Education School of Kalloni Lesvos is located in the town of Kalloni in Lesvos Island of North Aegean Sea.
4.  The Centre for Vocational Advancement (zbf) was founded in 1990 as the first private vocational training provider in Sonneberg. In 1995, the centre moved to Mengersgereuth-Hämmern, near Sonneberg, in Thuringia, at the southern end of the Thuringian forest and at the cross-roads between Thuringia and Bavaria.
With 5000 inhabitants and 50 kilometers far from the provincial capital-Mytilene.Kalloni  is located in the centre of the Island and it the possible alternative development centre of the Island. The Vocational School of Kalloni is the only vocational school in north west Lesvos and receives students from almost 12 villages.
5.  The Dutch Foundation of Innovation Welfare 2 Work is an independent, non-profit organisation to support professionals (e.g. municipalities, employment agencies and providers) and citizens in the fields of employment, income, social inclusion, social security, re-integration, and quality of life.
Both the local and the Bavarian job markets are available to our clientele.  Both areas have less than 4% unemployment rate, but each regional labour market is denoted by demographic chance, skilled worker shortage and less applicants. However only 17% of long-term unemployed people were able to find a job in the last month.  Many of our participants have been receiving social benefits for more than 10 years.
Our goal is to set up partnerships and platforms for innovative research in our fields of specialism, developing digital information for citizens and professionals about employment strategies (e.g. Work First), legislation and regulation, and the social map of the Netherlands and other countries (e.g. Australia, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, United States of America, South Africa, Spain, etc.). Innovation is one of our priorities.